The institute is being run by Pranjal Institute who has completed successfully 12 years in Education Era in Ratlam region and spreading thelight of knowledge and its experience.
Pranjal Information Technology is established as a center of excellence in information technology education; through the initiative and support of some prominent citizens, industrialists and professionals and with the encouragement of the university of Ratlam.Its purpose is the training of professional managers for the corporate sector and the public systems. It is affiliated to Makhanlal Chaturvedi University Bhopal to impart information technology courses like as PGDCA, DCA The courses contain current and emerging international technologies and also continuously updated, based on current demand in information technology.
The Institute is fully equipped to handle your career with its hardware and software facilities with highly advanced courses, computer for each student and software packages to work on.


Indian Software talent is today cynosure of the world. Even Microsoft chief Bill Gates emphatically declared that the next millennium would be for India to take change. The last few years have witnessed the winds of change blowing all over the world, including the Indian Corporate World. But to make a mark in this global software scenario requires cutting edge knowledge, with an understanding of cutthroat competition and a penchant to go beyond the basics. To power your career, you need an institute like Pranja Information Technology Ratlam (M.P) , which sets your sight for the next millennium.